Vision and Philosophy

It takes a community of educators, supporters, families, and KI members to provide a safe learning environment for the students.

KEA's Vision Statement
"Self-determination in education is a recognized inherent treat right of KI students, parents, and families. ..The KEA envisions students to have access to various all-world knowledge and all-Indigenous knowledge, and be able to walk in both worlds."

Philosophy of Education
"KEA Board members believe that:
- educational achievement is vital to the future success of our people
- education and learning are lifelong processes
- our goal is to encourage a love of learning in the students, and to promote positive self-worth and pride in our culture and heritage
- education programs must be bilingual and bicultural to meet the needs of our students
- we will prepare students to be positive, contributing members of their family, community, and society
- we will promote the full development of the whole child: spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical
- we will be flexible and adaptable to cope with the ever increasing complexity of society and the impact of modern technologies
- we should, and can, develop happy, capable and confident adults, who respect self, others, and the world in which we live"

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