Important dates:
Progress report night - Nov 10
Report card night - Feb 23
Final reports - June 17
Graduation and awards ceremony - June 19

Grade 5's learning patterns and sewing

SK Class enjoying a warm spring thaw day

Grade 6's out ice fishing and setting a net

Grade 5's getting marrow out of moose legs

Science Fair

Grade 2/3 class - learning through hands-on activities

Grade 5 activities

Grade 6 learning environment

Grade 2 reading buddies

The grade 2/3 class displaying their classroom Easter door

To share our love, strength, thoughts, and prayers with the community of James Smith Cree Nation for their tragic losses, students made cards to send to them.

Gr 6 - pineh hunting
Gr 5, 7, 8 - online drumming/history session with Waukoman Pawis
Gr 4 - tent set up and fire making

Christmas Classroom Doors

Staff sharing their love of all that is World Cup with their classes